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My name’s Guy Simmons, family man & computer games developer.

I live in semi-rural Hampshire, in the UK, with my partner, two kids, a dog & a pair of cats (not to mention a fair few mice who the cats happily let scurry around the kitchen at their leisure).

As far as computer games are concerned I’ve been working in the industry since 1992 starting at the legendary Bullfrog Productions.  At the start of 1997 I formed my own company Mucky Foot Productions, with a couple of ex-Bullfrog mates (Mike Diskett & Fin McGechie, with Gary Carr joining us a year later).  Somehow we managed to hold the whole thing together until the end of 2003, where we very rapidly found ourselves sailing up a certain creek without a rowing implement to our name.  We all jumped out, grabbing at anything that would float, but found ourselves drifting off in different directions.  For me, at the beginning of 2004, I found myself washed up onto the shores of Lionhead Studios, where I crafted many wonderful things, none of which survived the frequent tsunamis that regularly hit that place.  In the summer 2011 though I struck out for open seas, swimming against the tide & eventually finding myself bobbing about on a turbulent sea of independence.

This is my story…