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Brown bread

Posted in Home at 1:21 am by guy_simmons

Taurus T. Cat was given the long needle this evening, & tbh I’m absolutely gutted. I’m not a cat fan, never have been, but T was my little furry chum. He came as part of the package when Dom moved in, & at first we were pretty wary of each other, but it wasn’t long before he was up on my lap at every opportunity, sleeping on top of me at night, & draping himself across the back of my chair whenever I sat at my desk.

After we had kids Dom had to pretty much focus on them, & T became more my cat (I used to joke that I wanted him in the divorce settlement, sod the kids I wanted T!). Whenever he killed something & brought it in I’d go bananas & lock him out, & whenever he puked in the house I’d be cursing him to hell while wiping cold cat sick off the carpet, but all he had to do was rub his furry little cheek against my chin & we’d be friends again.

In the past couple of months though he began to seriously slow down. Numerous trips to the vets, many shaved parts & a multitude of bi-directional needle jabs failed to pin down exactly what was wrong with him. The vet finally got to the root of it today, FIV, & sadly there was nothing that could be done. The vet gave us the option of bringing him home for the weekend but we couldn’t bare it. He’d lost an incredible amount of weight over the past 3 weeks (anyone who met T always remembered him being an enormous cat) & I was pretty much carrying him from place to place & hand feeding him towards the end. As much as I wish he was laying here on my chest right now, purring away, neither Dom or I felt it was fair to keep him going purely for our benefit, so we took the decision to let him be put to sleep.

Dom was with him at the end, but I ended up stuck in traffic leaving work and got to the vets too late to be with him myself, although I gave him a final cuddle this morning & said my goodbyes as I had a feeling it was going to be the last time I saw him.

And that’s it really. I’m already getting the painful reminders, the dent in the duvet where he was laying this morning, the food bowl in the kitchen with his uneaten breakfast in it, & tomorrow we have to break it to the kids. But tomorrow is another day & right now I need to head to bed to sleep. By morning the dent in the duvet will be gone, but the memories wont be & I’m grateful for that.

Sleep tight my little matey, you’ll be missed.


  1. scotay said,

    January 12, 2008 at 2:27 pm

    Im so sorry to hear it, made me choke a little bit reading that.

    You know it’s inevitable with cats/dogs (with the shorter life span) but it’s something you always put to the back of your mind.
    My Mum still keeps the tag of our first cat when I was little on her keyring, still hurts.

    It’s the kindest thing by far, just remember the good life you gave him. Hugs to the kids.

    K xxx

  2. guy_simmons said,

    January 12, 2008 at 3:53 pm

    Thanks Kirst x

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