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Ahhh, the great smell of new tech…

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…but first, I managed to wrangle an invite to this last night:


Will is a great speaker, very intelligent, articulate & amusing, & the basis of his talk tapped into something that has been key in my thinking over the past year or so, namely using games as a way to educate children. What I’ve been thinking about is ways of teaching them how to think through the experience of play, obviously that’s what kids do anyway, but I’m keen to focus on core aspects such as letters & numbers, but ultimately leading on to higher concepts like maths & physics. Will’s talk last night has given me a bit of nudge, inspired me & made me think that some of the ideas I have may have legs. Oh, & he talked about Memes too 😀

Afterward we headed back to the bar for a few beers, & Cathy Campos & I started some serious reminiscing about the MuckyFoot xmas parties, which turned into a general slagging of all & sundry in the industry, which was funny. Timothy Spall was sitting over in one corner of the bar, looking red faced, drunk & angry. One of the blokes I was with tried staring him out for a bit but failed miserably. Barry Taylor holds a mean stare.

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  1. Gaz said,

    August 31, 2006 at 2:52 pm

    What’s he doing in that chair? He looks like the evil robotic overlord Stephen Hawking

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