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I’m a bad Dad :D

Posted in Home at 4:02 pm by guy_simmons

Kal is obsessed with Superman at the moment, so this morning I told him I could fly & proceeded to do the levitation trick in front of him.  Man, his eyes nearly popped out of his head as he started running round in circles getting all excited.

He asked if he could hold my hand while I flew (inspired by the flying sequence in the first Superman film, where supes flies around holding Lois Lane’s hand), but obviously that didn’t do anything, so he then wanted me to pick him up & do it, but I told him I can only fly when I hold my arms out straight.  His enthusiasm didn’t wane a bit, & he was then trying to get me to go outside & fly around the garden, so I had to tell him I’d be late for work if I did that.

Anyway I was starting to enjoy his enthusiasm a bit, so I told him that when he goes to bed at night, I don my superhero costume & fly round the world helping people!  That really did it, he could barely speak through the excitement, wanting me to go get my costume, put it on now, take him flying etc.  In the end Dom told me to stop it, as we have enough trouble trying to persuade him that he can’t fly, without me encouraging him.

It’ll come back & haunt me one day though, I can see it now, he’s 25, in court & trying to persuade the judge that it all started when his Dad convinced him that he pulled on coloured tights & jumped out on unsuspecting criminals after the sun went down.




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  1. RiK said,

    June 28, 2006 at 4:50 pm

    Well he’s half right… Now if only you went and chased some criminals too!

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