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Recurring dream

Posted in Home at 6:49 pm by guy_simmons

I often have this dream (maybe not so much recurring, more episodic) where I go back to Mucky Foot.  All the machines are still set up but covered in dust, & it’s like we all legged it suddenly, locking the doors behind us & no one’s been back since.  It’s a really nice comforting dream, & always involves me switching my machine on & wiping dust from my screen & keyboard as it boots up.  There are always a few other people around me, & we’re always really excited to be back & giggle at the prospect of doing new exciting things.

I had the dream again last night, except when I turned up at the office the bailiffs had been in & taken all the machines away.  In the dream I remember thinking that it was amazing we’d gotten away with it for so long anyway, but neverless it was still a bit sad & I woke up feeling quite miserable about it.

Dreams are funny really & I’m sure there’s some big meaning behind all of that, especially as the dream’s stuck with me all day, but I’m really just curious as to what my subconcious does with it next.