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Kal Simmons, age 5:   Daddy, when can I get some of that spray to give me a “sharp look”?




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…again!!!  It’s turning into a bit of a habit, albeit a good one.

This time we avoided hotels & planes, & instead went the Eurostar, rental car & Davy Crockett Ranch route.  All in all a good choice, but getting to & from St Pancras with luggage & kids was a huge pain in the arse, next time we’ll drive to Ashford & get the train from there I reckon.

The “ranch” itself was okay on the whole & the kids loved it, especially the pool & the horse riding.  There was a half decent games arcade there too, but foreseeing the tantrums I told Kal it was a “scary hut” full of monsters & so managed to bypass that entirely.  Having a car made a huge amount of difference, as we tended to skip back & forth between accommodation & the park itself, avoiding visitor peaks & squeezing sneaky swims in left right & centre.  None of those horribly crowded, standing room only, sweaty buses for us, thank you very much!

The rides are nice & tame, which always suits the kids, although taking them through the “Haunted Mansion” on the first day wasn’t a great idea, as Kal kept waking up that night thinking skeletons were coming out of the walls!  We rode Pirates of the Caribbean once or twice a day, & I think when I die I want to be laid out on a cart, set alight & pushed down into the depths of the ride, Viking burial style.  We also mostly avoided the new Disney Studio park this time round, due to the complete disappointment last year…except on the last day, with an hour to kill before our train home, we wandered in there & rode the Tower of Terror.  Brilliant BRILLIANT ride & next time that one will become a daily feature I reckon.

And so back home, knackered, aching feet but all with huge disney smiles plastered over our faces, & just to prove it, here’s the kids queuing up for the Dumbo ride: