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I’ve been meaning to post something here for ages, but after reading Kirsty‘s most recent entry I’ve decided to actually put fingers to keyboard & finally put something out.

Right, where to begin…well since my last decent entry Dom bought a shop, this one in fact. The web site’s under construction but pretty soon you’ll be able to click on there & buy lots of lovely stuff :)

Kal had his 5th birthday last month, we had a bouncy castle in the garden & 30 kids + parents running around laughing & screaming. We were so stressed out we didn’t even think to take any pics, but here’s a recent one of the little fella on sports day during his last week at nursery:

There was a 10 year anniversary Lionhead party late summer, which was a drunken giggle. Unfortunately the battery on my camera ran out before things really went downhill, but here’s a pic of Gary Carr & Stu Whyte taken while things were still civil:

[Resuming after the wireless died (a frequent event here nowadays) & half a night’s sleep (it’s 4:18am atm)]

In between those two events was a work trip to Vienna to meet a lovely bunch of people, accompanied by another lovely bunch of people, some of whom are pictured here:

Let’s see, I had another project canned & my manager (mentioned in an earlier entry) got the boot, which wasn’t a great loss to be honest on either counts. I’m working on something new now, it’s very different & therefore on very shaky ground, but if we can maintain the current blistering progress & get the concept through greenlight then we could be onto something. I have to say though that for the first time in a long time I’m really enjoying working on something again :) There are the usual politics to steer around though, but Lionhead wouldn’t be Lionhead without ’em 😉

Home projects continue to slowly grow, SPOOGE (the Several Platform Object Oriented Game Engine) grows by at least one new member function a week, sometimes two, sometimes a whole new module! It continues to be nothing more than a hobby, but a really enjoyable one all in all, & one of these days I’ll post some pics of the various bits & pieces I’m working on.

Eurodisney was mentioned further down although I never actually reported back on it (Doh!). It turned out to be a great few days, the kids absolutely loved it & still keep asking when they’re going back to see “Mitty Mouse”. Here’s a pic of me & Poppalina, with “princess beauty castle” in the background:
…& my favourite pic of the whole trip, an uber confident Kal & a terrified Poppy clinging onto Dom for dear life 😀

Oh yeah Dom & I went to Finland back in February for a friends wedding, which I didn’t mention anywhere, but it was totally brilliant! In summary; Snow, reindeer(delicious!), huskies, cold, log cabin, sauna, elk(delicious!), glass igloo, ice chapel, snow, glass tee pee, northern lights, midnight snow mobile safari, skiing, ice restaurant, snow, drink, abba & snow.

Way too many pics to post, & I don’t have a fickr account or anything, but here’s a pic of Dom & I wearing our finest cold weather wedding outfits:
Ah wait a sec, I don’t have flickr, but I do have .mac where there’s a small selection of pics :)

Erm & that’s about it I think, loads of other stuff like 40th birthday parties I should have blogged about (all full of old fat bald people looking vaguely like people I used to know, & in fact turning out to be people I used to know, & all without exception turning out to be brilliant fun!), meetings with old friends, weddings, summer barbecues in the rain, autumn barbecues in the sun, work piss ups (honourable mention to Tim Swann), in, out & generally shaking it all about.

I’ll try & do more frequent ones in the future, & focus in on some of the comedy detail, but I’ve bored you enough for now & I need to get myself off to bed to finish my night’s sleep.