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…& just like that, I’m 40 tomorrow!

Where did all the time go? Blowed if I know, but it’s scary how time seems to be accelerating with each passing year (it feels like it should only be March at the moment, but somehow it’s June already!).

Am I where I hoped I’d be? Mostly yeah, I think I am. I mean I have Domini, a beautiful, caring, understanding, amazingly patient wife (in all but name ;)) who I’ve put through the wringer during our many years together, but somehow we got through all the crap & now things just could not be better! I have two lovely, lovely kids; Kal, creativity, smarts, cheek & charm, in equal measure; Poppy, frighteningly clever, hands of Houdini (quick, amazingly dextrous & an ability to unlock anything, as opposed to fat & hairy) & so cute that she could wilt concrete with her little doe eyes (I can hear her in bed now singing a song about “dolly” pocket :)). I have a half decent roof over my head, 4 wheels (actually I have 8, but it’s best if we don’t mention the other 4), & not too much debt at all. Career wise I’d love to be further down the road, I’d love to have put out more games in recent years, but then I do work at Lionhead… 😉

It’s funny, but I remember an arrogant 15 year old me declaring to his computer studies class that he hoped to be dead by the time he hit 40, as he assumed he would be old & knackered & life wouldn’t be worth living by that point. The “me” today however is very happy to be alive & is very happy with what he has in life. He loves his wife, his children, & is very much looking forward to spending many happy years ahead with all of them. In fact, he can’t wait for retirement when he can sit down in front of his computer & start pootling away writing exactly the games he wants to write.

Anyway today Dom, the kids & I are all off to Eurodisney for a few days of sugar coated grinning, & I can’t wait to take Kal through Pirates of the Caribbean (please let them not have changed it to reflect the films, please let them not have changed it to reflect the films…) & Star Tours! So happy birthday me, & fingers crossed life will see fit to grant me many more birthdays to come!