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Merry Christmas!

Posted in Home at 3:18 am by guy_simmons

Hello dear reader, it’s 2am on christmas morn & I can finally go to sleep. Why so late? Well it’s my little boy, he believes in Santa Claus & I’m loving feeding the dream :)

I started assembling this shortly after buzzcocks (you’ll notice Santa & Rudolph’s leftovers at the bottom):
Which took ’til shortly after 1am, then I finished wrapping this lot & sorted out a stocking (containing lightsaber) to hang on the back of the wee fellas door for him to find in the morning when he wakes up 😀

The turkey is now stuffed (home made stuffing, a bit too citrussy this year but it should be okay) & the veggie roast is prepared & refrigerated, now all I have to do is drag my knackered carcass into the sack ready to be dragged back out of it by excited kids in few hours time.

This is great, really. Christmas has become all exciting again & after talking about Santa so much in the past week I’m actually starting to believe he’s sleighing & ho ho ho-ing his way across the world as I type.

God bless us one & all, especially tiny Tim.



Can you see Jesus?

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