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Recipe-less spanish omelette or “He’s making it up as he goes along!”

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Woke up this morning with hunger gnawing me to the bone, so decided to whip up a breakfasty feast. Dom recently bought a whole new chorizo sausage, just for me, so this had to feature heavily, & we had a delivery of organic veggies yesterday so I wanted to make a dent in those before they began their bottom of the cupboard transmutation into soup.

So firstly ingredients:Om1.JPG
Parboiled organic potatoes, roughly chopped organic onion, as much garlic as you (or those around you) can bear, a good few chunks of chorizo sausage, a.n. other pre-cooked sausage lying round loose in the fride, & 3 eggs (the other one’s hiding).

Start by turning on your grill, then chuck the onion & the garlic into a small omelette pan, & cook on a medium heat to soften ’em up. Then add the chorizo:Om2.JPG
What I like to do here is warm the chorizo through so that all of the lovely tasty red oil leaks out & infuses itself into the rest of the ingredients. So once everything turns red, throw in the potato & cook for as long as you fancy (you could probably keep going until it’s crispy if you like). Once the potato has cooked for a bit in the oil, chuck in the a.n. other sausage:Om4.JPG
Once that lot has warmed through it’s time to add the eggs. I like to add a tiny bit of onion & whizz them up with a hand blender, so the eggs get a good oniony taste & loads of air in them so they become almost souffley. Once you’re happy with your eggs pour them into the pan:Om7.JPGAs the egg cooks, pull the outside of the omelette in toward the centre using a spatula (not too hard or it will crumble because of the all the chunky stuff in there) & swill any uncooked egg from the centre back into the new gaps around the outside:Om8.JPG
It should feel pretty solid now (you don’t want to cook it too long or it will dry out), but you’ll still have a bit of egg on top that isn’t cooked, so quickly put the whole omelette (pan & all) under the grill to cook the top & puff it out some more:Om9.JPG
Once you’re happy that it’s cooked on top, it’s ready to eat:Om10.JPG
I added a tiny bit of basil here, one because I think it does nice things to the sausage, & two because we have a monster plant growing all over the windowsill that needs some serious pruning :)

Anyway, top breakfast & Poppy & Kal loved scoffing it too, which was a bonus 😀


Day 1 of Big Babysit

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It’s 10:25am & Musical Freddy & his Flying Fish are driving me up the wall!


Happy Birthday little man!

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Kal’s 4 today, bless him & his obsessive interest in all things “superhero” :)

Edit: Here he is on his birthday present: