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Ahhh, the great smell of new tech…

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…but first, I managed to wrangle an invite to this last night:


Will is a great speaker, very intelligent, articulate & amusing, & the basis of his talk tapped into something that has been key in my thinking over the past year or so, namely using games as a way to educate children. What I’ve been thinking about is ways of teaching them how to think through the experience of play, obviously that’s what kids do anyway, but I’m keen to focus on core aspects such as letters & numbers, but ultimately leading on to higher concepts like maths & physics. Will’s talk last night has given me a bit of nudge, inspired me & made me think that some of the ideas I have may have legs. Oh, & he talked about Memes too 😀

Afterward we headed back to the bar for a few beers, & Cathy Campos & I started some serious reminiscing about the MuckyFoot xmas parties, which turned into a general slagging of all & sundry in the industry, which was funny. Timothy Spall was sitting over in one corner of the bar, looking red faced, drunk & angry. One of the blokes I was with tried staring him out for a bit but failed miserably. Barry Taylor holds a mean stare.



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…or was it Amsterdam? Either way, my new lappy isn’t here, & I’m not typing this on it! *sigh*


More lardy breakfast

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Slightly more upmarket version here.


Barn raised chicken eggs, large (medium might be the optimum size actually), sesame bloomer, but still blue label bacon.  Roll on the weekend where I’ll get me some english muffins & some of that lavverly tesco hickory smoked “finest” bacon :)



TNT Watch

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The new Mac lappy shipped yesterday, with an estimated delivery date of 31st Aug, which was awesome considering the delivery estimate when I bought it was 5th Sept :) Just checked this morning, & it’s now in Shanghai, with a revised delivery date of 30th August!!!

Come to me my beauty, come to me. 😀


I’ve bloody done it!

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Apple Store
Order Confirmation
Dear Guy Simmons,Thank you for shopping at the Apple Store online.  


Order Details
Item Number Product Description Quantity Price Est Build time
000010 Z0DL MBPRO 15/2.16 CTO 1 1,338.39 5 business days
2.16GHz Intel Core Duo
1GB 667 DDR2- 2×512 SO-DIMMs
100GB Serial ATA drive@5400rpm
SuperDrive (DVD+/-RW/CD-RW)
Glossy Widescreen Display
No optional SW
BkLit Keyboard/Mac OS-B
Airport Extreme Card&BT-B
Total: 1,338.39
Shipping Cost:  
Discount (Incl. in Total): 48.00
VAT @ 17.50% : 234.22
Order Total: 1,572.61
Currency: GBP
Payment Method : Credit Card Visa/MCard

The credit card received a ceremonial scissoring afterwards, with clear instructions that it’s not to be used again until the above is paid off (don’t worry though, the details are memorised 😉 ).  Annoyingly it’s not due to arrive until the 5th September though, & I’m not sure if I can wait that long…

After viewing Gravy’s Blog this morning…

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…I was inspired to create the low fat Tesco blue label chav version

& it wasn’t half bad :)

Edit: Gravy’s puppy for reference


Swanny’s Ace!

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Hah hah :D