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Bit of an odd day

Posted in Home at 1:23 am by guy_simmons

It started with some road rage on the way to work, involving someone determined to make me drive into the back of him by constantly smacking on his brakes at 80mph in front of me on the A3, & all because he overtook a load of traffic on the hard shoulder, at similar speeds, spraying us all with grit, twigs & crap, & me then applauding him & mouthing the words “WELL DONE”.

Then once I got to work, I ended up having a total blow out with my manager.

It started with him saying OneNote’s multi user document editing feature was the future, & me responding that I was doing the same thing on the mac 4 years ago, in the jokey bantering Mac vs PC way that quite often goes on. His response, & I quote, was to ask “do we have a problem? ‘cos it feels LIKE WE HAVE A FUCKING PROBLEM!!”. It escalated into us standing in the office car park, nose to nose, calling each other cunts at the top of our voices, & me telling him I wanted off the team as I didn’t want to work with such a total cock, & it finally culminated in him going on about how sorry he was & how bad he felt for having a go.

I dunno, I’m glad I stood up for myself really as I’ve heard other reports of this guy shouting the odds at people, & no way was I going to be spoken to in that way, but I’ve ended the day feeling pretty sick about the whole event. I mean do I let it slide? Or maybe tell my superiors about it, but risk making working together even more difficult? Or do I just tell him that if he abuses me again I’ll be straight onto hr? Not sure what’s for the best really. One thing I do know, is that it’s certainly soured things for me as far as working with him in the long term is concerned, & there aren’t many other opportunies within LH at the moment so it might be time to kick myself up the arse & start seriously looking for something else.

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