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…it’s been a while!

So today, after 7 years of working there, I finally left Lionhead.  To say it’s been a roller coaster ride would be an understatement, & trying to detail the whole bittersweet experience would be difficult…so I’ll summarise by saying this:  Lionhead is an amazing studio, packed with wonderfully talented people, who exhale creativity & sweat magic.  They’re owned by a really great publisher, surely blessed with infinite patience & staffed by a lot of hard working, energetic, passionate & enthusiastic people, who bend over backwards to offer Lionhead a tremendous amount of support…& then of course, we have the true genius of this bloke.

But enough of that, I’m going to start developing games again, hurrah!  The first thing I’m putting out is a simple iPhone game, an “eat ’em up” that I call Pig Out.  While I finish it off, I’m going to write an honest to goodness, old fashioned development diary, right here on this page, to keep track of my progress.  So if anyone still reads this, & to be fair this corner of the internet has been gathering dust for a very long time, I’ll begin the diary from Monday!










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